Branding your Business with Promotional Products

    Branding is a way of defining your business to yourself, your team and your customers. A great way to brand is through promotional products. Promotional products help reach more customers and lets them know what to expect from your products and services. Branding through products sets you apart from your competitors. These products are a low-cost marketing method that will bring more customers. For small businesses, promotional products help keep marketing costs low while still catching people’s attention. Why should you use promotional products to brand your business?

    Low Cost

    As a small business you may dream of creating a huge advertising campaign, but starting small with promotional products is much more cost effective. You can reach your marketing goals with a low-cost promotional products campaign. Most manufacturers of promotional products have low prices for mass distribution. Prices of the items are low but the impact they have on customers is priceless.

    Brand Recognition

    Brand recognition means the consumers can identify your company and its services when they spot your logo. When you give promotional product to your customers it helps them remember and recognize your business. This is one of the main reasons to give away promotional products.   A 2016 study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) explains the effectiveness of promotional products. According to the study, promotional products don’t fade away. Respondents were asked how long they keep a typical type of promotional item. Across all promotional products, the average was just over seven months. The product remains in their homes, offices or car for a long time, reminding them of your business. When they see your logo they remember the gift, you and your business. The customers will remember your business even more if the gift is branded.


    An advertisement is seen and then gone in a few seconds. But, promotional gifts are always in sight. A customer will use your branded sticky notes for many days and they will drink from your water bottle more often. These products are an excellent way to increase your business exposure daily.

    Business Card

    Business cards introduce your company and its products to the customers. Your promotional products also do the same thing. When giving away your branded products, you are introducing your business to potential customers. The products have your company logo, images or a slogan depicting your business message.


    Businesses can use promotional products to help customer loyalty in a short period of time.You want to make sure that your promotional merchandise is of high-quality, creative and well planned. People will associate premium quality of the gift items with your quality of business. According to the ASI:

    Those who receive promotional products are very likely to pass them along to others who will use them (and also receive your advertising message). The ASI study shows that 63% of those in the United States and 64% of those in Canada give their promotional products away when they are finished with them.

    Their are links between successful businesses and strong branding. The benefits that smart brand with promotional products can bring are worth the time and money. If you are looking for someone to help you create a marketing campaign using promotional products head over to our trusted resources page.

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