5 Reasons to Sell your Home in the Winter

    Thinking of selling your home this Winter, but everyone is telling you to wait until Spring? Selling your home this Winter could be the smartest financial decision you ever make. Here are a few things to consider when listing your home in the Winter.

    1. Less Competition

    Since Spring is the most popular time to sell, it is often overcrowded with homes. But, in the Winter there are fewer homes for sale and your home will stand out. The lower inventory of homes can make it an ideal time to sell your home.

    2. Motivated Buyers

    Buyers who are looking in the Winter are serious buyers. They don’t want to risk the chance of waiting until Spring and missing out on a home. Motivated buyers are also more likely to be pre-approved for a mortgage, which means they know what they are looking for and will bring a serious offer.

    3. Year End Bonuses

    Year end performance review bonuses and Holiday bonuses can be exactly what buyers need to motivate them to buy in the Winter. First time home buyers or buyers looking to upgrade may need that extra money for a down payment or to buy a larger home.

    4. Tax Breaks

    Buyers looking to purchase a home in the Winter might want to benefit from tax breaks before the new year. New home owners usually can benefit from the following tax deductions: mortgage interest, private mortgage insurance (PMI) and real estate taxes.

    5. Corporate Relocation

    January is usually when companies do corporate relocations. People who are relocating because of a job don’t usually have a few months to house shop, they must find a home quickly. When families relocate the kids need to get settled in schools, their home need to be sold and the move needs to be quick. If buyers who are relocating see a home they like, they are usually ready to put in an offer.

    Why wait? There are so many reasons to sell your home in the Winter as opposed to just holding on until the Spring.

    Contact us today if you are thinking about selling your home!

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